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Ruminations on Generating Project Metadata

Although I am still debugging the CD ripping problems I have been having, I have enough of a music corpus to begin thinking about second stage metadata generation. Additionally, I already have a corpus of 1700+ digital photos that I can also begin thinking about describing.

New Mass Storage Technology and Research

In the CHAT digital video preservation plan I presented an overview of digital archives technologies that includes metadata, digital storage, file formats, and repository systems and software. Of these, digital storage technology is the most rapidly developing and changing area, with constant change in price per giga-(tera-, peta-)byte and media formats. In the plan I hint at the fact that optical storage media (DVDs, CDs, etc) fall far short of the storage capacities of currently available hard disk drives and arrays. The gap is quickly closing, however, as improved storage media are announced with increasing frequency. In preparation for a revision of the technology review as a standalone digital video technology primer, I'd like to document some of these recent developments.

Audio Encoding Project: Initial Progress Report

I made some progress this week on my audio encoding project. In a total of three sessions I have ripped the contents of about 50 CDs to a lossless digital format with basic embedded metadata. This entry recounts the requirements, procedures, and observations on the project thus far.

A Personal Audio Encoding Project

I've recently embarked on a personal digital archives project involving digital audio. I've recently embarked on a personal digital archives project involving digital audio. This is one of a couple of projects I have in mind to help me explore the intricacies of managing digital objects with an eye on experimenting and understanding the challenges the individuals and small groups face when managing digital objects.

More on Security vs. Usability

In my Systems Security article, I addressed one of two areas that affect systems security: the continuum between software usability and the ability of the software to perform securely. Scanning through Slashdot one day I came across a book review about an O'Reilly book about this topic.

Blogs: Electronic diaries or Commonplace Books?

No sooner than I post a reading review that compares blogs to diaries, a Metafilter post proffers the idea that blogs most represent "commonplace" books.

Blog Introduction

So, here is the inaugural posting to my new Drupal blog. I started this site, and by extension blog, for a number of reasons. I already have a social networking presence in other domains (LiveJournal, Friendster, Tribe, etc.), but these venues have left me feeling a bit fragmented (a phenomenon I have researched).