More on Security vs. Usability

In my Systems Security article, I addressed one of two areas that affect systems security: the continuum between software usability and the ability of the software to perform securely. Scanning through Slashdot one day I came across a book review about an O'Reilly book about this topic.

The review of Security and Usability indicates a coverage of the topics covered in my paper, but in a more extensive scope than my pedestrian (which is often the case for products that fulfill class requirements) review. The ever-present human element, the core of the usability question, is covered as is the topic of secure (trusted) systems. Whereas my paper covered primarily end-user systems with network access, this book appears to go deeper into network security issues such as authentication and online privacy.

I'll see about getting into this book soon in order to give it a more thorough evaluation at a later time.