Privacy Policy

This site uses RPX to manage the sign-in process for comments.  RPX acts as an intermediary between this site and other sites enabled with OpenId authentication.  What that means is that we rely on other sites with whom you may already have an account (providers) to do the "dirty work" of verifying your identity.  At no time will this site ever see your password and we will only see the profile data that you authorize your provider to send to us.  RPX acts as a gateway to provide the correct technical interface to each of these providers;  at no time do they see your password or any of your profile data.

You can learn more about the process from the RPX site, but the gist is this: 

  • When it is time for you to sign-in and you click the sign-in link, RPX will show you a list of providers authorized to authenticate you for this site.  The list we have selected includes some fairly popular sites like Google and Facebook, so we bet you already have an account with at least one of them. 
  • Select a provider from this list with whom you already have an account, or go ahead and sign up for an account with one of these providers then come back and start again - we'll wait for you.
  • Once you select a provider, RPX will forward you to the provider's site to finish signing-in.  Note that this process happens securely and entirely within the providers site. 
  • RPX will take the response that your provider sends and forward you back to our site, all signed-in and ready to go. 

You may be asked by your provider to send additional profile information to our site.  What you do is entirely up to you, but we would prefer that you send at least an email address that we can use to correspond with you and vice-versa.  Don't worry; we don't use any email addresses for communications beyond what is necessary to keep the conversation going and improve your experience on our site - no spam, advertising, or any of that nonsense.

An account will be created for you with our site using information given to us by your provider per your preferences. Check with your provider's policies regarding information sharing.  Other than email, your name, and your preferred username, we don't keep any additional profile information.

Your account with this site is used purely to manage how you interact with our content.  So far there isn't much going on in that regard, but that may change in the future.  Just remember that we use your provider to authenticate you and don't keep any more information on you than you give to us.

One final note:  although you can select any provider to sign-in with, you may wish to use the same one each time so that your preferences are saved from session to session - or not, it's your choice.

If you have any questions or problems with this arrangement, please contact me.